FIN Staff

Abbey Kleinert, Art Director
Abbey Kleinert, a printmaker, designer, art teacher and journalism student has been studying
the print medium since 2006, beginning in etching – one of the first forms of publishing- and
progressing to the study of modern print design as it relates to a converged media environment.
She is working on completing a professional journalism major at the University of Minnesota while
also making hundreds of prints at Recess Press, the St. Paul Printmaking collective where she is
a founding member. She is an award-winning artist who has shown her etchings around the US and
abroad, and these experiences inform her work teaching the creative process to adults through the
“the creative self” class she invented. She hopes to use her experiences as FIN’s art director
to launch her into full time work filling the world with Fine Art and Good Design!


Alexa Ball, Web Art Director
My name is Alexa Ball, and finally I am a senior at the University of Minnesota.
I will be graduating this coming spring with a degree in journalism. What I am
going to do with this degree is uncertain as of now. I have interests in broadcast
production as well as magazine and website design. I held an internship at Clear
Channel Communications where I was able to work with a popular country radio
station, in the next year I hope to gain another internship opportunity and explore
other media fields where I can really decide where I want to go in life.


Alison Henderson, Assistant Art Director
Alison is a cultural observer and satirical enthusiast, who frequently finds herself
asking “what would Thompson write?” She will graduate from the University of
Minnesota in December with a major in journalism, a minor in sustainability and
a new found passion for video production, tap dancing, and design. Alison dreams
of becoming a well-known environmental reporter, but looks forward to dedicating
some time to exploration after graduation. She worked as a reporter at the Pioneer
Press and the Murphy News Service, but also spent much of her time implementing a
free furniture exchange store for students near the University.


Allison Mann, Associate Editor
Allison will be graduating this coming spring with a double major in professional
journalism and Spanish studies. This past summer, she worked as an intern for an
art foundation in Madrid where she translated web pages from Spanish to English
as well as edited all web pages for grammar, punctuation and content. After
graduation, Allison plans to combine her two degrees by writing or designing for
a Spanish-language magazine in the Twin Cities or one day back in Madrid!


Ally Jennrich, Associate Editor
Ally is in her last semester at the University of Minnesota, she will graduate in December
with a degree in journalism and a minor in sport management. Currently a production
intern at Fox 9, she loves editing video and finding out how news broadcasts are put
together. She has also worked at Fox 9 as their social media intern, covering their Facebook
and Twitter pages as well as interacting with viewers during their syndicated television
shows. With everything she has learned with her internship and school she hopes to get
a job at a local news station or somewhere in sports media after graduation. When she is
not busy with school or her work, she can be found watching the Minnesota Twins,
browsing social media, or, most likely, in the kitchen baking. Follow her on Twitter @AllyJ11.


Amelia Kaderabek, Assistant Art Director
Amelia is in her last college semester and will graduate with a double major in
Spanish language and professional journalism. She currently is interning in the
Murphy News Service writing and reporting stories for various Minnesota
newspapers. Obsessed with writing, languages and foreign cultures, she has
studied abroad in Venezuela and Puerto Rico. She wants to teach English abroad
in Latin America or Asia right after graduation, and is interested in doing some
freelance writing as well. She is constantly inspired by art,travel and humanitarian
work, and aspires to do the Peace Corps down the road.


Emily Ehlert, Managing Editor
Emily Ehlert is a senior at the University of Minnesota, graduating this fall
with a double major in Journalism and Theater Arts. She is currently a Paramount
Pictures Allied-THA, where she works promoting films in the Twin Cities.
She hopes to continue working in the entertainment industry after graduating,
either in production or public relations. In her free time she is a live improvisational
comedic performer at Comedy Sportz Twin Cities. Ten years from now she hopes
to be working for Saturday Night Live.


Dawn Rau, Assistant Web Editor
Dawn will be graduating this spring with a double major in Art and
Professional Journalism. Both majors have an emphasis in photography
and she plans on working in that field after graduation. Dawn currently
has an internship at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery in the Regis Center
for the Arts on the West Bank and volunteers at the Maple Grove Arts
Center, where she was featured at their recent Black and White show.
Dawn is also a goaltender for the U of M’s Women’s Club Hockey
team, which took second place at Nationals last spring.


Hilary Battey, Web Blogger
As a soon-to-be college graduate with a degree in professional journalism
complemented with a minor in English, Hilary is excited to pursue a career
working with a magazine publication. Currently, Hilary interns with Tiger
Oak Publications as an editorial intern while finishing up her last semester.
Hilary inspires to gain experience in all fields of journalism, especially
working with photography, social media and improving her writing skills.
With a huge passion for travel, Hilary hopes to see the world through her
camera lens.


Holly Sax, Assistant Art Director
Holly will be graduating in the spring with a degree in professional
journalism, emphasizing in magazine production, and a minor in
design. She loves taking the time to rearrange bits and pieces to
make anything and everything aesthetically pleasing. Holly can
be found drinking her coffee with her nosed buried in a magazine
pretty much anywhere. She hopes to put her design skills to use
after graduation, whether that be for a magazine or a through other
routes of graphic design.


Jonah Steinmeyer, Web Editor
Jonah is a senior primed and ready to graduate in May 2013 with a
degree in Professional Journalism and a minor in Sports Management
to boot. Jonah has dabbled in multiple sports blogs and websites
throughout his collegiate years. Currently, Jonah is the Editor-In-Chief
for a Minnesota Timberwolves blog, formerly affiliated with ESPN,
Howlin’ T-Wolf. He hopes to find a job writing for a popular sports
website and/or magazine. In his time not consumed with sports or
writing, he spends his time with family, fraternity brothers and looking
at aquarium videos on Youtube.


Katie Wielgos, Associate Editor
The almost three and a half years that Katie Wielgos has spent at the University of Minnesota have gone by in a
flash, and before she knows it, she will be receiving her bachelor’s in Professional Journalism this December.
Hopefully the world will still be around for her to get it. It would be a shame for all that hard work and all-nighters
to go to waste. As a journalism student, Katie has had the opportunity to write about a myriad of topics. Her favorite
part has been hearing others’ stories and learning about subjects she couldn’t have learned through classes.
Unlike most, she has a strange passion for grammar and AP style and has an outlet for this as the assistant copy
desk chief at the Minnesota Daily. She currently works as a reporter-intern at the Pioneer Press but hopes to
write for a magazine after graduation. Her dream would be to work for “Runner’s World” or another health and wellness
magazine since she is an avid runner and fitness junkie. She hopes to be an editor some day as well as a published author.


Lacey Kirwan, Senior Editor
Lacey is a Journalism and English double major in her final semester
at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She has interned in Virginia
City, Nevada at Virginia City News where she was published. In
December she will graduate and plans to go on for her Master’s in
Publishing. Fiction writing and reading being her true love, she hopes to
one day work in a literary publishing house here in the Twin Cities.


Mark Vancleave, Photographer
Mark is a photojournalist pursuing a degree in professional journalism
at the University of Minnesota. In edition to working as the multimedia
editor at The Minnesota Daily, he is a freelance photographer and
multimedia producer. He hopes to continue to work in photojournalism
after graduating and to tell compelling stories through images and sound
and new technology.


Michael Kyllo-Kittleson, Web Programmer
If there is one thing most noticeable about Michael is that she bleeds maroon and gold. A senior graduating
in May with a degree in journalism and sport management she has had an interesting path leading to
where she is today and looks to continue moving towards a career in athletics. Michael works for the University
of Minnesota Softball program which is her first love and takes up a majority of her life but also interns with
Big Ten Network, runs her own small photography business, coaches youth softball, and volunteers.
She has held many other jobs in nannying and child care while completing internships with places like
WCCO-TV. Moving away from general broadcasting she has discovered a niche in digital story telling outside
of a newsroom setting and is looking to pursue those new passions throughout the sports field.


Rebecca Shrake, Senior Editor
Becca will be graduating in May, 2013 with a degree in journalism
complemented by a minor in Spanish. She has interned at the
Minnesota Daily as a staff reporter and CenterPoint Energy as a
Corporate Communications writer. Upon graduation, she hopes to
give back by devoting time to mission work in a Spanish-speaking
country, and then pursue a career in business communications.
Her loves for writing, reading and editing aside, Becca is obsessed
with giraffes and thinks everything tastes better covered in Nutella.


Sarah Miller
Sarah Rose is a senior majoring in journalism and religious studies. The ultimate realization of her two interests
would be to be a religion correspondent for some excellent newspaper, bringing her religious studies expertise
to bear on all stories relating to religion (which she finds immensely fascinating). That is why she jumped at the
chance to be senior editor of the religion and spirituality section of FIN magazine. Sarah Rose has a strong belief
in the power of the written word; she is particularly drawn to write the stories that are not being told or to tackle
commonly misunderstood issues. When she is not studying, Sarah Rose can be found playing with her boys,
ages three and six, or performing scintillating activities such as laundry, vacuuming, and keeping the
aforementioned boys from fighting to the death.


Shayna Chapel, Managing Editor
Shayna is a senior graduating this spring with a degree in professional
journalism and a minor in psychology. Her dream job after graduating
is to work for a women’s lifestyle magazine or a travel magazine. After
studying abroad in Montpellier, France she has formed a passion for
cultures and hopes to write about them professionally one day. Working
as a PR intern the in summer in Boston, Shayna is interested in pursuing
her interests in this area as well. She loves country music, reading and
all things coffee.


Shota Fuse, Photographer
Japan-born international student Shota will finish his amazing academic
life with a degree in journalism and political science in December 2012.
Shota loves to listen to electronica, meet new people, drink, and eat exotic
food. He will go back Japan soon after graduating from the University of
Minnesota. He hopes to be a photojournalist who covers the Middle East.


Taylor Selcke, Editor-In-Chief
Taylor is convinced that if she gets to write and edit for the rest of her life, she will be happy. As
a senior graduating this December with a degree in journalism, she hopes to find a job with a magazine or
newspaper. Taylor is extremely excited to fill the role of editor-in-chief for FIN and looks upon the
end-of-the-world topic with fascination (and a little intimidation). She has previously interned for
Seventeen magazine, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Mpls.St.Paul
Magazine, Delta Sky magazine, and the Minnesota Daily. Currently, Taylor freelances for
and, in addition to serving as the editorial assistant for the Murphy Reporter, the
alumni magazine for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Follow Taylor on Twitter @tselcke
or check out her online portfolio at


Urmila Ramakrishnan, Staff Writer
Urmila took a 180 in her career path, and is glad she did. Originally
on track to medical school, She decided to go with her first passion
of writing. She has written for the Minnesota Daily, St. Cloud Times,
the Local East Village New York Times Blog, Khabar Magazine, and
the Pioneer Press. She loves food and travel and hopes to start her
career with a travel magazine.