By: Becca Shrake

If you truly believe the world is coming to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, the best way to spend your last night is by being with those who are near and dear to your heart. However, if you are completely skeptical of the whole thing, why not plan a “The End Of The World As We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI) party? Whether or not the world actually does end, raise your glass and welcome the stroke of midnight.

Send them out early. There may be others who are in your same cynical boat and want to seize the moment by throwing the party to end all parties, so your invite should be the first they receive.When inviting your guests, make it clear that this is not a time to contemplate and fear Dec. 21. Have your guests come ready to party like there’s no tomorrow! Whitepeacock Styled Events owner, Nicole Liwienski, recommends sending shotgun shell invites, which clearly state the memo to come celebrate with an end of the world blast. Invitations: http://ohhappyday.com/2011/03/confetti-invitations-template/

Dress Code:
Because no one truly knows what the end of the world is going to look like, encourage your guests to wear an apocalypse-themed costume of their choice. This can range from an outfit to survive a natural disaster to a zombie. The more open-ended, the better.

Like the invitations, make sure you pick up your drink supplies early; otherwise the other skeptics out there will clear out the liquor store before you can say, “Harold Camping.” Serve end of the world-themed drinks.

If you want to be fancy and stay true to the end of the world theme, serve a few of these decadent, apocalyptic beers to start off the night. Otherwise, just get a few kegs of Coors Light.

The Apocalypse – American Strong Ale
Lager of DeVINE Destruction – Golden Lager
La Fin du Monde (French for “the end of the world”) – Abbey Tripel
Shock Top End of the World – Wheat Beer
Apocalypse Cow – American Double/Imperial IPA

As for other alcoholic beverages, there are many ways to ring in the end times.

Champagne, obviously.

Four Hoursemen shot:
● 1 part Bourbon whiskey
● 1 part Tennessee whiskey
● 1 part Scotch whisky
● 1 part Irish whiskey
Mix them all together and down immediately.

Dry Martini:
● 1 2/3 oz gin
● 1/3 oz dry vermouth
● 1 olive
Stir gin and vermouth with ice in a mixing glass. Strain into a cocktail glass, add the olive, and serve.

Hurricane Cocktail:
● 2 oz light rum
● 2 oz dark rum
● 2 oz passion fruit juice
● 1 oz orange juice
● juice of a half a lime
● 1 Tbsp simple syrup
● 1 Tbsp grenadine
● orange slice and cherry for garnish (optional; there may not be time for garnish)
Squeeze juice from half a lime into cocktail shaker over ice. Pour the remaining ingredients into the shaker and shake. Strain into a hurricane glass.

Following along with the drinks, make sure all food is prepared ahead of time. Avoid a mad, last minute rush, which may end up looking like an apocalyptic-zombie-survival-of-the-fittest scene as people fight for the last package of dark chocolate. Buy it in bulk because if you get your invitations out early enough, your gathering will most likely be the one everyone goes to.

Deviled Eggs:
-Devils on Horseback

Have a whole table filled with To Die for Desserts:
- Chocolate Volcano Cake
- Death By Chocolate Cake
- Mini Nutella Cheesecake
- White chocolate fountain (because, who knows, we might all go to heaven) with pretzels, marshmallows and fruit for dipping.

Don’t worry about skimping on the flashy decorations. Who knows how many more end of the world prophecies are coming up, so make this celebration one for the books. Cover the ceiling with helium balloons and cut the strings so they don’t fall in your guests’ faces. This will help create a festive feel. Liwienski suggests placing dry ice in a pair of old gym sneakers around the house, as if someone was just ‘taken’. Create a survival kit centerpiece for the food table and give it to one lucky guest at the end of the night.

Play the classic party games with an end of the world twist:
Pin the tail on the Horseman
End of the World Charades (use pop culture end of the world movies and books)
Earth Piñata
Guess How Many (fill a jar with Sour Patch Kids and have guests guess how many to win)

1. R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
2. Britney Spears – Till the World Ends
3. Blondie – Rapture
4. Wyclef Jean – Apocalypse
5. Muse – Apocalypse Please
6. The Doors – The End
7. Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction
8. AC/DC – Highway to Hell
9. Skeeter Davis – The End of the World
10. U2 – Until the End of the World
11. Jay Sean – Party Like it’s 2012
12. Europe – The Final Countdown
13. Shaggy – End of the World (Drink Up)
14. Def Leppard – Armageddon It
15. Cranberries – Zombie

As Katie Lenz, project manager at Event Lab in Minneapolis, says, “Celebrate like there’s no tomorrow! And don’t sweat the small stuff, just roll with the punches and enjoy yourself.”

Wow, those are some happy lookin’ people!