Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow!

By: Jana Stender

When people are asked what they’d choose for their last meal on Earth, “low-fat this” and “sugar-free that” don’t make the list. Instead, edible comfort comes in the forms of indulgence or foods associated with simpler, happier times.

Sweet last treats
Sugar and spice and everything… rich and fattening and chocolate. When hardening of one’s arteries or the need to squeeze into an LDB are no longer chief concerns, some short-timers want the dessert buffet.

Call it stress eating or a devil-may-care attitude.

“If I honestly thought the world was going to end, I would seriously only eat chocolate brownies,” says one willowy young woman. “They’re so delicious and since I’m going to die anyway…I wouldn’t be concerned about harming my health.”

Unfettered by the confines of holiday traditions, one guy wants “pumpkin pie with whipped cream—and lots of it,” for his last supper. Nothing else. “Just pie.”

Gorge before you go
For some people, quantity may surpass quality. “I want to eat absolutely everything I can get my hands on,” says our very own photographer, Mark Vancleave.

“My end-of-the-world eats would be Chinese food. So, so, so, so, so much Chinese food!” says one student.

Comfort food for uncomfortable times
“If I knew the world was going to end soon, I’d finally get myself the vegetarian egg roll noodle salad from the Jasmine Deli on Nicollet that I used to eat all the time in high school. I haven’t had that in waaaaay too long,” says a student. Her husband, a native of Germany, would order the pizza he enjoyed while growing up.

“It’s funny how we both think of foods we loved back when we were teenagers and want that again,” she says. Maybe these meals are associated with a more carefree time in life, she muses, or the “whatever” attitude of the teen years. Her last meal choice, however, also includes some adult favorites. “I’d drink a double espresso followed by multiple vodkas with lime. I think at that point I’d be good to go,” she says.

Down the hatch
Chocolate-covered crickets, anyone? The answer is “yes” for one student who first saw them in Thailand at a floating market. “I haven’t tried them before, but it would be a way to put mind over matter,” she says. They’re the #1 item on her food bucket list.

Another woman hopes she could conquer her unease about ingesting the likes of a spicy tuna roll. “I’d like to think I could muster up some courage and try a few new things, especially sushi, before it’s all over but I really don’t know if I could.”

Let’s raise our glasses
Variety may still be the spice of life—even when there’s not much life left to live. As one woman says, “If the world were about to end, I would feast on a world-class buffet of crab legs, gourmet mac & cheese, crème brûlée, and drink rosé Champagne until I melt away to nothingness.”

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