A Test from Superstorm Sandy

A Test from Superstorm Sandy

By: Hilary Battey

As the death toll continues to rise as a result of Hurricane Sandy, and many residents living on the East coast are still without power, people are finding it difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t help that damage costs are being estimated as $20 billion thus far with the potential of it reaching $60 billion. With the end of the world drawing closer and closer with each breath we take, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to simply give in to mother nature than trying to fight in this endless battle.

With only 37 days till the end, people begin to wonder if Superstorm Sandy was only a warning of what is to come, or perhaps a test of how civilization acts after yet another catastrophic storm killing civilians, injuring the young and old, and leaving many with no food, power or hope. As of right now, New York is not only dealing with the aftermath of the storm, but also investigating cases of price gouging. Commodities such as gasoline, food and water have skyrocketed in prices before and after the hurricane hit.

If someone wanted to buy a loaf of bread in Albany, New York, this person would need $7. Perhaps someone is still without power and needs matches to light candles in order to see in their current living situation; $10 please. It is obvious that this storm is not only an emotional loss for many, but a financial loss as well.

There is always the possibility that Doomsday is only a hoax leaving American citizens to continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. What do fellow Americans have to look forward to? Unity, support and donations.

In California, Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar launches “Riblets for Relief” program in support for Hurricane Sandy victims. AT&T donated $1 million to Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

Whether or not Doomsday strikes us again in less than 40 days, at least Americans know that they have each other to rely on and have the unity to push stick if it doesn’t.

Photo Credit: Reuters