Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

By: Hilary Battey

Pop culture loves to play on the idea that civilization will fall after a massive outbreak of violence, plague, war, disease, etc. For whatever the reason may be, these recurring themes are seen in video games, which grab the attention of thousands in hopes of either playing the hero or the villain that will help or destroy mankind.

A lot of video games set their plots and gameplay in the distant future. For Resident Evil 6, which was released in October 2012, sets the plot in June 2013. The scenario? A virus outbreak in both China and America. You guessed it. This virus outbreak plagues many and a zombie apocalypse spreads like wildfire. Even the president in the game becomes infected and is killed by his best friend.

Now, this game is all fiction and intended only for that purpose. However, it still makes me wonder what the future holds for planet Earth after Dec. 21, 2012. Will there be zombie apocalypse like the plot in Resident Evil 6 and the most-watched television show on cable The Walking Dead? I suppose all of this is food for thought, but I know a good number of people truly are prepared for the zombie apocalypse just like Doomsday Preppers.

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