Since You’ll Probably Still Need to Buy Presents…

Since You’ll Probably Still Need to Buy Presents…

By: Michael Kyllo-Kittleson

If the world doesn’t end, Christmas will approach us quickly and shopping will still, regrettably, need to occur. For all of you shopping, especially for children, here are some of the hot trends this year.

Tablets, Smartphones, Kindles, Oh My!

For adults, all things gadgety round out the top of the hot lists this year. We all know about these things, probably have a few of them. Not nearly as interesting as what is out there for the kids.

Lalaloopsy –


These strange little dolls are taking little girls by storm. In all my years of nannying, babysitting, and working in child care I have never really seen another doll like this. They are kind of like Barbies and kind of like large stuffed dolls, but they’re neither! See, they’re hard… no I’m not kidding, they’re really hard! Made of plastic like Barbies but big like stuffed dolls and have really huge, hard heads! Basically they are a very dangerous weapon if welded properly.

But you can dress them up in little outfits and they have tons of accessories to go along with them and their different themed things… sold separately of course!

Prices range from $20 to skies the limit for Lalaloopsy and her additions.

Furby - 


Remember this guy, thing… creature? Yeah, they’re coming back. If these weren’t creepy enough to begin with (even though, yes, I did have two), Hasbro has taken them to a new level. The thing still talks in its odd, gibberish language but now it can learn! The more interaction with humans it receives the more it picks up and will eventually learn English. Cool? Maybe. But it goes even farther. Now, with your handy Apple products and other app hosting deceives you can download something that will help you translate your Furby’s speech until it learns English. What else does that mean? The more time you spend with your Furby the more like you it becomes. So, if you’re mean and evil does that mean the Furby will be too?

You can grab one of these for the price of $59.95 and enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night to what sounds like some weird gibberish speaking alien in your home. Oh! And just in case, don’t feed them after midnight… you never know what could happen.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer –

Yes, something somewhat educational! LeapFrog kind of runs the realm of education products for child and in my opinion, do a pretty good job. This product is another adaption and evolution of past LeapPad gaming systems. There are more than 300 educational and learning games that will work with this product ranging from subject and age.

However, you never know when a small child will need to record a memory! Therefore it comes complete with front and back cameras as well as recording capabilities.

Ranges from $80-$100.

If you’re not into the whole “educational” thing have no fear, there are other products out there like the Tabeo: basically a smaller, easier to use tablet for kids.

UglyBuddies –


Now this makes me smile! UglyBuddies are a new collection of stuffed animals from Ugly Dolls that features one bigger monster somehow attached or holding onto a smaller little creature and guess what? That’s it! That’s all these are. They don’t connect to your iPod, iPhone, or any other Apple product. They don’t talk, sing, or dance: they are JUST stuffed animals. Remember Tickle Me Elmo? That was big when I was little. It’s nice to see that stuffed animals are still fighting for their spot in the market.

Pick one up for anywhere between $15-$40.

Videogames Galore!

Videogames are and always will be big.  The two big gifts this season will be the Wii U and the game Skylanders Giants.


When I think about what to give my 10-year-old brother for Christmas nothing pops into my mind faster then something electric that might require a motorcycle license… errr, umm, yeah?

May I introduce the Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter and the Power Wheels Dune Racer.

The Scooter reaches speeds of 15 mph and can go 10 miles on a charge. The Racer is for the younger crowd and tops out at 5 mph. The Scooter looks just like the ones you’d see zooming around a college campus and the Racer looks like it belongs on the sand dunes 4-wheeling!

The Scooter is yours for $240 and the Racer for $269.99.

Other hot items include:

  • Fisher-Price’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky
  • LEGO® Ninjago EpicDragon Battle

Good to see Lego is still holding its own!

  • The 2012 Holiday Collector Barbie
  • HEXBUG Warriors

The name says it all, Hexbugs are little robots that look like bugs and move by way of battery operation. You know what’s fun? Turn one on in front of someone’s path and watch them freak out. They are rather deceiving.

A classic toddler toy which transitions from a walker to a ride on. Again, good to see some oldies but goodies. Only problem is that there’s music involved. Dear people giving gifts to children who haven’t actually raised one or lived in a house with one themselves: TEST THE VOLUME OF THE MUSIC BEFORE GIFTING!!! Or risk never spoken to again by the people you gave it to. Seriously, kids play these songs over and over again with no mercy. Do everyone a favor, make sure it’s quiet or at least has volume controls options.

  • Vtech Switch & Go Dinos

A great children’s building toy! Kids can transform this toy from a car into a dinosaur and back easily. Making it more fun and more interesting for longer. Another simple, not overly complex, NOT DIGITAL gift idea.

Hey! Where’d we find that creepy Furby Picture?