2013 Makeup Trends

2013 Makeup Trends

By: Hilary Battey

My mother always said, “better to be safe than sorry.” Well, mom, thanks for the advice. With 2013 right around the corner, it is important to look your best with these new and improved makeup mini-guides at the tip of your fingers! Just in case we lovely ladies are not able to glide in the new year with these makeup tips, perhaps it is better to be safe by applying the 2013 trends now, then to be sorry on the morning of Dec. 21.

Let me start by asking who does not want thick, luscious lashes? That is what I thought; no one. It is time to move away from department store mascara and buy Ethylline WhipLash Lash Detonator Thicksplosion. This mascara has very tiny fireballs that literally burst from each lash as the thicksplosion is applied. You will see your lashes transform right before eyes; something you have always wanted from your mascara.

Blush will be making a big comeback in 2013 with the debut of Blush: II by FancyFace. What makes FancyFace the makeup line of 2013? Blush: II is laced with angel dust, which perfectly turns your cheekbones slightly pinker with each stroke.

Party girls, listen up! If you are still one of those girls who has an endless supply of glitter that was bought back in 2003, then you are in luck. Glitter is going to be making a big comeback, and it will be everywhere. Get ready to apply all different colors of glitter to your body for whatever the occasion may be. The best use for glitter? Going to rave parties and partying like it’s 1990.

So ladies, either gear up for one great end of the world party or prepare for 2013 with your wicked long eyelashes, classy, chic cheekbones and sparkling skin shining with glitter. You are bound to be fabulous.

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