The Future for Women

The Future for Women

By: Hilary Battey

American pride showed through yesterday as one of the most important days that Americans have been waiting for came and passed. The 2012 presidential election was on every news station keeping voters informed if his or her candidate was going to take the electoral vote as a victory or a loss. Regardless if you lean left or right, the future of America is once again in the hands of President Obama.

There is something else worth mentioning that fellow Americans need to be proud of, if Doomsday decides to be kind, let all women of America take another victory for women’s rights. The 113th Congress will have at least 19 female senators. This is the most ever in the history of the United States.

We are lucky that the Mayans were generous enough to let American citizens participate one more time in the voting process for a very important election. The question that remains now is will we be able to witness the social and economic change that America needs? Perhaps in the next 43 days America will do everything in its power to make a memorable comeback before the end of the world.

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