The Match Up: Sandy vs. Katrina

The Match Up: Sandy vs. Katrina

By: Michael Kyllo-Kittleson

As Sandy somewhat fades away from the immediate focus of the media people are now comparing hurricane Sandy and Katrina side-by-side to see which was worse.

From all the information I’ve seen Katrina “wins” out. It claimed many more lives and cost billions more. The biggest category Sandy dominated in was most people left without power.

Now, I’m not saying that Sandy was not that bad or anything because, well, they both were terrible. Any time something like this happens, anytime people die or lose things or are displaced it is sad. I just found all the side-by-side comparisons being done between the two so interesting.

I came across a GREAT infographic from the Huffington Post that provides A LOT of information and that I really suggest looking at!

The New York Times is also reporting on this as well. Oh, the photo is from there too!