Our Bad…

Our Bad…

By: Michael Kyllo-Kittleson

I will tell you right from the get go: I am not a religious person. I have a lot of issues with it and the institution. But, fun fact, I did spend some time in private Catholic school so I know a fair amount about these things. Also, I do actually enjoy eastern philosophies and such.

Why am I telling you this? I found something that talked about Buddhism and its end of the world thought that really gelled with another one of my posts located in contemplation. In that post I talked a lot about our world needing to change and start doing things differently.

For Buddhists, they are taught that nothing is permanent and nothing stays the same.

“The world may come to an end, but it does not happen overnight in the manner taught by many religions. According to Buddhism, the end comes about slowly with small changes taking place every moment, every minute. Even in our relatively short lives, we see the truth in this. Already, the climate is changing, animals are facing extinction and the world’s resources are drying up. Eventually, we will see the last great whale, the last elephant, the last oak tree. And this is how the world, as we know it, will come to an end. Although this is inevitable, this event need not necessarily have to take place anytime soon.” -see

Most interestingly, Buddhist believe we are, and will be, to blame for the end. Sounds like my previous post a little, huh? Buddha taught all actions do have consequences and that we are, indeed, responsible for our actions. He also taught that everything is interconnected: “The (failing) of forests in one part of the world might cause the drying up of rivers in another country.”

Just found it interesting and it is something to file away especially in light of my last post.

Like I said, we need to change or else we will start to see some bad things beginning to brew. Apparently I may be onto something, I mean I’ve got a religion that agree with me!