Crippling Technology Dependence

Crippling Technology Dependence

A Dead Phone
By: Lacey Kirwan

My iPhone 4S won’t take charge. I am watching the time slowly tick down on its power and I am sitting here, furious that I depend on it so much. I need it to wake up in the morning, it is my alarm clock and now I have spent an hour trying to set an alarm clock on my P.C. that just isn’t working. It is what I use to determine the bus route I will take to school in the morning. It is my timekeeper to make sure I am not late to each class during the day. It is my source of entertainment throughout the day of monotonous, uneventful classes. It is how I plan my life with friends and family.

Staring at the measly thirty-two percent of battery life my phone tells me it has left, I start emergency planning. Yes, I am not kidding, this is an emergency situation for me. I spend two hours searching Craigslist, trying to contact people who say they are selling iPhones so I can use the little battery my phone has left to GPS myself to their location and pick up their phone. Once my phone actually dies, this becomes less of an option due to the fact that I cannot find anything in this metropolitan area without my phone.

I call my brother and tell him I will be in town Thursday and I need him to either try to find me a new phone or fix this one (Craigslist has failed me). I log on to Facebook so people can contact me through there. I stop waking up my phone to try to preserve the battery life as long as humanly possibly. I unplug and plug back in the charger, wiggle it, jam it, curse at it, trying to get it to start charging my phone again. It won’t.

Now, I am out of options, I have done everything I can on my end, I have even used a knife to scrape out the nonexistent lint in the charger port like my brother suggested, I have rummaged through all my stuff looking for random chargers to see if my phone will respond to any of them. I have turned it on and off with the charger connected, without the charger connected, and did a complete reboot. Everything has failed so now all I can do is sit here and let my phone die. I pull up directions on Google to Alexandria, Minnesota, where my brother is, and wait until the week is out so I can drive there and see if he can fix my problem.

Technology dependence is crippling, literally. My safety blanket has been ruthlessly ripped away. I know that once I am forced to live without a phone for a few days, and look back on what I am feeling now, I will think how idiotic I was, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am limited now and I still will be limited once I come to realize that I am overreacting to a minor problem. I can’t go anywhere that I do not remember the route to perfectly, because if I do get lost or turned around, I am literally up a creek without a paddle. I could stop and ask for directions but that is just dicey and doesn’t usually work that well.

If this was a permanent state that I could not see a solution to, such as buying a new phone, it would not be manageable for me. I depend on this technology way too much. I know that that is a sad statement in itself, that I could not manage without a phone, but it is how it is these days for many people. We use and depend on technology all the time, whether we like to admit it or not. Businesses could not run without it, bussing systems would collapse, schools would shut down, hospitals would be severely limited, and the list goes on. Everything is centered around technology now and that is never going to change, unless some sort of catastrophe happens, such as a mass power outage that some ‘preppers’ are planning for.

What would you do if that happened? It is easy to say, “Oh, well, I would do this, this, and that,” when you aren’t actually faced with the problem but really, think about it, what would you do? No way to contact the ones you love, once you run out of gas that’s it, you can’t go anywhere that is more than a few miles away, if you get hurt, you better hope its minor and that you live close to a hospital, if someone you love needs help, you will never know, and the situations get worse and worse. So really, how would you cope?

Is that guy snorting an iPhone?