Doomsday Infiltrates the World of Entertainment

Doomsday Infiltrates the World of Entertainment

Preppers and other groups get the spot light on TV
By: Lacey Kirwan

Doomsday is an entertaining idea. This may sound callous and flippant to talk about an event that could be so devastating that the world will never be the same. But think about that, that very sentence, ‘an event that could be so devastating that the world will never be the same.’ It’s eye-catching, dramatic, and a great start for some futuristic, or even realistic in some peoples opinions, novel, movie, TV show, whatever. And TV is not shy to take this topic on and make it entertaining to the masses, as well as informative in some respects.

Ever heard of preppers? Well, a prepper is a person that is planning for the end of the world in a sense. They aren’t necessarily always religious and their beliefs on what will happen and how it will affect the world varies. Most just believe in being prepared, for some kind of catastrophe, where they will have to have supplies stored to self-sustain them for some time. This event doesn’t even have to be worldwide in some cases. Some preppers are just preparing for some kind of natural, or even economic, disaster that could affect them personally, while others are of the opinion that in some unknown amount of time the world as we know it will come to a devastating end. Some preppers have even bought shipping containers and outfitted them as bunkers with supplies so they will have a safe place incase of such an event.

Preppers are now invading mainstream TV more and more, including having their own show, – Doomsday Preppers , on the National Geographic channel. This show is actually on its second season that premiered Tuesday, November 13th at 9 p.m. But the show doesn’t only just show you this obscure group of people, it brings in ‘experts’ that evaluate how well this certain person or this one group of preppers will do if their idea of what doomsday will actually bring comes true.

– Grey’s Anatomy has even had an episode with a doomsday prepper patient this season. The episode, entitled, Beautiful Doom, aired on Nov. 15th. The patient was a woman who met her husband in a BOB workshop. A BOB workshop teaches you how to make your own Bug-Out-Bag, which you will then have in your house or your car that will help you survive if you have to run immediately, or are stranded in some kind of way.

And finally, not quite a prepper show but close, is the new TV drama – Revolution
on NBC. It debuted on September 17th, and hasn’t been doing too well per-say, but it is interesting nonetheless. This show is set in the future after an apocalyptic event has wiped out the power supplies. The Matheson family has the key though, a sort of flash drive that will not only tell them what happened during the apocalypse (no one knows why they lost all power) but also help them restore the power. There is a catch though, the world is now subdivided into different groups that are usually run by some sort of warlord or dictator, and one in particular, Sebastian Monroe, President of the Monroe Republic, one of the five separate governments that has formed in the United States after this apocalyptic event, wants to stop the Matheson family and take the flash drive for himself. He will then use the flash drive to take control of the whole United States. This last show, Revolution, takes the idea of the apocalypse and makes it entertaining in the most basic sense of the word.