How To: Get Weird Before The World Ends

How To: Get Weird Before The World Ends

By: Amelia Kaderabek

There is no better time than right before the world ends to really embrace the mantra of individuality. Let’s follow Madonna’s old school advice to “express yourself” but take it to the most outrageous level possible. When people ask you why you are the strangest human ever, just pull a Lady Gaga and say, “I was born this way baby!” Plus, the world is almost over. BOOM.

Here are five ideas to have the weirdest and best time before we all turn to dust. Let’s get it, girl (and boy).

1. Wear a head-to-toe body suit and go outside doing an artistic interpretive dance for people on the street. If you’re not into art then take on the characteristics of your favorite animal! My personal choice would be a ferocious velociraptor.

Get One Here

2. Jump onto the nearest table and bust out your best dance move.
It could be the:

Stanky leg

The Jerk

Or, the Chicken Dance!

3. Give every person you see a huge bear hug and say, “Thank you for being here today, you’re very special!” Who knows whom you may or may not see tomorrow, when the world is over. GIVE OUT SOME LOVE!

Polar Bear Hug Here

4. Pull a Ke$ha and completely cover your face and body in glitter. You are fabulous and you need to let everybody know it before it’s too late, literally!

Glitter Glitter

If you don’t like sparkles, then that just means you’re insane. Just kidding! Throw some confetti around everywhere you walk instead! Your life is a party that is about to end. ;-)

I mean, Kid Rock loves confetti

5. If none of the ideas above are enough to completely satisfy your quench for absolute individuality, then runaway to the most delicious foreign place you can think of. Grab some friends and family and relax on some tropical beaches or on top of some of earth’s tallest mountains.

Here’s where this is from, if you need to see it bigger!