Trendy Web Designs

Trendy Web Designs

By: Hilary Battey

With the ever changing technology concepts and virtual worlds where people go to learn, communicate and use their free time, it is difficult to really know what the new web designs will be for the upcoming year. However, that does not mean that predictions were not made. Most, if not all, users are concerned about the same visual concepts that keep designers constantly working and striving for the perfect layout.

An important concept that web designers see as a very probable prediction for 2013 is responsive web design. This feature will eliminate problems of constantly creating different layouts for multiple platforms. Responsive web design allows for web designers to create a layout that will work perfectly on all devices: desktop, tablet, mobile. Convenience is definitely coming into play in 2013.

Next, typography will play a vital role in how web designers go about making the layout for websites. Selecting typography is now a very important decision to make in order to enhance the website’s design. Designers used to think that replacing text with visually striking images will enhance the look of a website. This upcoming year will change that thinking. Typography is no longer a thing of the past.

In addition to typography, the size of buttons will become an important decision to make when thinking about visually displays on mobile devices. There have been too many times where I have simply wanted to tap a button on my iPhone to link to the next web page, but simply couldn’t because of its small size. Now, web designers will consider enlarging the buttons to make the process much simpler. This has the potential of making the website run slower since there will be more graphics; these are simple things that web designers will have to think about for the upcoming year.

There are more trends that web designers are considering. Some of these trends consist of scrolling, branding of businesses and more. Let’s just hope that we make it to the new year to see what these clever web designers have in store for us!

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