Consumers Love Their Gadgets : By: Hilary Battey

Consumers Love Their Gadgets

See that Lifebook photo up close

By: Hilary Battey

As a consumerist society, there is nothing more exciting than the release of new products and gadgets that make our lives more fun, interactive and easier with all the day-to-day distractions life throws in our path. There are two new gadgets debuting sometime in 2013 that are worth keeping on your radar.

First and foremost, for all you fruit lovers out there, Apple is predicted to be releasing their Apple TV next fall 2013. Apple is known for making gadgets and products that are both very user friendly and sleek in design. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray predicts the beauty of the design to be the main feature to catch people’s eyes. A very important feature that will please prospective buyers is the ability to use the TV as the main interface for the living room across multiple devices. Other features include the infamous Siri and applications like FaceTime. Munster also predicts that Apple will sell the TV in two different sizes; a 47-inch costing $1500 and a 55-inch costing $2000.

The next gadget that will definitely be popular is the 2013 Lifebook laptop manufactured by Fujitsu. With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Fujitsu is an information technology equipment and services company. What will make this laptop stand out among the rest is the fact that the laptop incorporates a camera, phone and tablet with its design. Users will able to detach the camera to use it for digital purposes and detach the tablet and use it as it is or even attach it to use it as the laptop’s keyboard. The phone can be inserted into a specific area and will act as the laptop’s storage space. Even though the design is predicted to be quite bulky, the design will be interesting and original.