The Point Being…

The Point Being…

By: Michael Kyllo-Kittleson

There are theories and thoughts out there about what will really happen when the clock strikes midnight, the day changes to December 22, 2012 and alas we see, the world has not ended.

A common thought, and one even held by my own Nana, is that there will be a great awakening and change across our planet. Whether it comes from an all knowing higher being or a cosmic serge from the depths of the universe, there will be an awakening.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I’d like to believe that would happen, there is a lot that could use some awakening.

Hunger, obesity, mass socioeconomic disparity, war, illness, greed, murder, repression/oppression, and just general human behavior and self-centered action for starts.

It has been reported some 850 million go to bed hungry across the world every night. Why? There clearly is not a shortage of food in the world. And we clearly have the means – and money – needed to solve the problem.

Read the article I’m pulling from here , it’s short and sweet but proves my point.

It says, “Providing the additional calories needed by the 13% of the world’s population facing hunger would require just 1% of the current global food supply.”

Really, world?! Why is this still an issue then? It is, quite honestly, the stupidest thing ever because it is not really that hard to fix. The reason nothing’s been done is simply because the people who can make a difference just don’t care! Which leads to the vicious cycle we see and live in every, single day.

Hunger leads to a cycle of poverty and struggle, and the fact it isn’t changing is due to the cycle of entitlement, greed, and lack of any perspective outside of a self-centered one that comes from a life of sheltered privilege.

Then there are wars, more wars and genocides to boot. What are most of them caused by? More greed, an inability to even try and develop a tolerance for other people, and just pure hatred – OH, and our favorite material things, e.g. oil and such. Seriously, think about it!!! Give me a healthy list of wars that didn’t stem from religious difference or greed. There aren’t really many I can think of off the top of my head at least.

We are killing our one and only environment while people refuse to believe it and change their behaviors.

But wait, then there is even more: loads of corruption, political strife, and people just treating other people badly. I’m not even going to get started about politics other than to say if people would remember what we learned in Kindergarten, things would go so much smoother. But moving on, I think we forget that person across of us is not much different then we are. At the core of everything we all really want the same things. We all need and want to be accepted; we want to feel like we belong and belong where we are; we want safety and comfort; we want to avoid pain and suffering; we all want love, to be and to give love. It is not hard to figure out, but very easy to forget.

The point being, there is just so much wrong with the world and the solutions are not overly difficult or challenging. All it takes is a little concern for your fellow human, the ability to cut out a little bit of the greed, and an attempt to accept that not everybody is going to be JUST like you – and that is okay!

Now, I’m not saying the earth is a terrible place and everyone is god-awful, not at all! There are some amazing people out there, doing amazing work. There are wonderful, kind people who care about and serve others. But imagine how GREAT it would be if we could cut out just some of these^^ things 

With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday upon us I cannot help but think about these two “events” and American consumerism in general. When did the transition from a celebration of everything good in our lives and time spent with those most important/closest to us turn into a mad dash towards this year’s “hot toy” or the “cheap” flat screen TV? Like can we talk about this, people have DIED by being trampled during Black Friday rushes and crowds. Seriously? Do we need things that badly that we sit outside, in the freezing cold (if you’re from the right places) to get material things at discounted prices instead of hanging out with our family and enjoying their company? Sounds a little miserable and sad to me, the sitting outside part at least.

But we cannot totally blame ourselves, the corporate machine is excellent at what they do. And when something brings in the big bucks they are not going to stop it…

Heck, this year’s Black Friday sales have top $1 billion dollars so far.

“Online sales jumped 26 percent on Black Friday to $1.04 billion from sales of $816 million on the corresponding day last year, according to comScore data.” – Reuters

These are all just thoughts and spit balls here but what if we spent that money on something more important, something that helped others? Disclaimer, I’m not perfect either, I may or may not have bought all of the Harry Potter DVDs on a wicked sale this weekend. We all fall into it, and honestly I think that is okay sometimes! I think it is okay to enjoy and indulge from time to time but we all just seem to do too much of it.

Care for other people, help other people, pay forward the privilege you’ve been blessed with and maybe we can change the world… maybe if only a little, at least it is something.

The point being… here is to hoping there is this amazing awakening post December 21, 2012! There is so much good we can do and so much good we can do for each other: people just need to see it, believe, practice it.

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